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How comparing ourself to others can ruin our lives?

Self estimation has its own role in our lives. Sometimes we need confirmation that we move towards the right direction or there is a need for change. Our mind is programmed to monitor other people’s actions and compare it to ours. The problem arise when we over do it. We likely compare the worst of ourself to the best of somebody else, and that just makes us coming up short. Comparing ourself too often to the richest, smartest or luckiest people makes us think that we are not good enough, not smart enough or not worthy enough. That leads to anxiety or depression.

Alternatively we judge others and see ourself superior. We scoff at what others do and think we are much better or smarter. For example you work really hard and get a much better position with better salary. Than you see someone who was degraded because of his/her laziness or inabilities, doing a worse job for less money. It comes easy to look down to this person and consider ourself better. But does it make us happier? Maybe in the short term, but not in the long run. But why? Why we can’t just see ourself as the best person alive and be happy about it?

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