Don’t try to change what is not in your control

Don't try to change what is not in your control Life balance and wisdom quotes

Don’t try to change things that are not in your control. Focus on what you can change.

People tend to think their happiness depends on other people and circumstances. We think if our parents/ children/ colleagues behave differently we will be happier. The truth is we can’t change them, but we can change our attitude and how we react. Those people who find happiness within themselves are generally more happy than those who want to find it in other people.

The key to success: learn, think, act. Than start over again.

The key to success: learn, think, act. Than start over again. Success   To be successful in life first you need to know what do you want to achieve. For a sportsman it might mean getting the gold medal, for an actor winning the Oscar, for an entrepreneur to build a great company.

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5 tips to break out your comfort zone

Self-developmentIf you are reading this post you probably know what comfort zone is and also tried to break out of it.
In brief, one’s comfort zone is a behavioral space where risk and stress are minimized. It is a set of routines, things that one does often and without to much difficulties. Sometimes we are challenged to do thing we don’t usually do and we are not comfortable with. That requires an extra effort and stress level. It means leaving our comfort zone.
It is natural that we don’t really like to leave our comfort zone, but awesome things could happen if we do so, or sometimes bad things could happen if we don’t.

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Love what you do – or do what you love,you will be much happier than if you just try to improve your quality of life.

I was 18 years old when I first heard from a motivation speaker that I can achieve anything in life. I didn’t came from a family where success, or money had an important role so couldn’t imagine that an ordinary guy like me can ever become rich, so that sounded quite interesting to me. I started to watch movies, read articles and books about how can I attract or manifest anything I want in my life, I watched also a lot of documentaries about the life of the super rich.
Than I decided to become a millionaire. I was certain it is possible within a few years. I visualized many times every day my new life as a millionaire and I couldn’t wait for it to become a reality. When I closed my eyes I saw the luxury home, nice car and trips around the world. I saw myself telling other people stories about how I became rich.

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How comparing ourself to others can ruin our lives?

Self estimation has its own role in our lives. Sometimes we need confirmation that we move towards the right direction or there is a need for change. Our mind is programmed to monitor other people’s actions and compare it to ours. The problem arise when we over do it. We likely compare the worst of ourself to the best of somebody else, and that just makes us coming up short. Comparing ourself too often to the richest, smartest or luckiest people makes us think that we are not good enough, not smart enough or not worthy enough. That leads to anxiety or depression.

Alternatively we judge others and see ourself superior. We scoff at what others do and think we are much better or smarter. For example you work really hard and get a much better position with better salary. Than you see someone who was degraded because of his/her laziness or inabilities, doing a worse job for less money. It comes easy to look down to this person and consider ourself better. But does it make us happier? Maybe in the short term, but not in the long run. But why? Why we can’t just see ourself as the best person alive and be happy about it?

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What is this website about, or how to make our life better and happier?

How to make our life better and happier?

We all have problems in life. We often struggle, feel unhappy, miserable or sad. Sometimes we feel disappointed, defeated and might thing our suffering will never come to an end. We want to have things: a better job, a nice home, a new car, or to have better status in the society. We struggle to get those things and feel unhappy if it is not possible.

On the other end we also feel happiness, joy, satisfaction and other positive emotions. There are really enjoyable moments in life, unfortunately they don’t last forever.

We are human beings and our behavior and emotions are quite complex. We just can’t always directly control or feelings. Despite it is not possible for most of us to be always happy without having a bad day, there are many different ways to make our life considerably better.

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