The key to success: learn, think, act. Than start over again.

The key to success: learn, think, act. Than start over again. Success articles   To be successful in life first you need to know what do you want to achieve. For a sportsman it might mean getting the gold medal, for an actor winning the Oscar, for an entrepreneur to build a great company.

Whatever your goal is in order to succeed you must keep these things: learn, think, act, and than start to learn, think and act again until you get what you wanted.


If you want to know how to do something first you must learn it. It means gathering information either from books, internet or other people, and practicing it to form a routine. I’m sure you have heard the old saying: repetition is the mother of learning.


Sometimes in order to succeed it is not enough just to do the same thing what other people do, but you need to use your creativity and come up with new ideas. You need to find a better more efficient way to do something. Thinking means not just worrying about something but rather it is a conscious and systematic effort to create ideas. It means analyzing the information we’ve got and creating solutions or finding out what other information we need.


Action means doing something, it is a real step towards your goals. It is the only way to make changes in the world, and it often requires stepping outside your comfort zone. That is why there are so many smart guys out there who learn and think but fail to act, therefore never succeed. On the other hand many successful people are not really smart, but they try over and over again until they succeed.

Start over again

After you take action you will learn a lot. You will learn what works and what doesn’t. You will see everything from a different point of view. Even if you did not achieved what you had wanted if you take the process again : learn – think – act and start over again, your chances will be much more higher than before. Many people give up at this point: they learn, think, act and fail: than they become disappointed and never try again. That is a huge mistake. They just had discovered a new way that does not work.

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The key to success: learn, think, act. Than start over again. Success articles