What is this website about, or how to make our life better and happier?

How to make our life better and happier?

We all have problems in life. We often struggle, feel unhappy, miserable or sad. Sometimes we feel disappointed, defeated and might thing our suffering will never come to an end. We want to have things: a better job, a nice home, a new car, or to have better status in the society. We struggle to get those things and feel unhappy if it is not possible.

On the other end we also feel happiness, joy, satisfaction and other positive emotions. There are really enjoyable moments in life, unfortunately they don’t last forever.

We are human beings and our behavior and emotions are quite complex. We just can’t always directly control or feelings. Despite it is not possible for most of us to be always happy without having a bad day, there are many different ways to make our life considerably better.

What is this website about?What is this website about, or how to make our life better and happier? Life balance articles

There are two different worlds: the external and the internal one. The external world is the physical reality, for example: our home, job, friends and our daily life. The internal world is our thoughts, feelings, desires, self-image.
If there is no harmony between these two worlds, I mean if the external world is not what we think it should be, we will experience a problem in our life. This problem will lead to unbalance, unhappiness, misery and stressful life. In fact, most of our problems arise from the discrepancies between these two. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

What can we do then to find the balance? Well, there are two ways: either change the external reality or change your internal world. Neither of these two is easy. Fortunately we’ve got a lot of books about the subject. From the beginning of time people continuously try to make their life better and they have collected their knowledge. Using ancient and modern wisdom we can make our life much more better, happier and successful.

Some of the philosophies, like Buddhism focus on internal peace, providing a set of tactics about how we can adjust our internal world and accept the external one. Many others, like modern success books tell us how to achieve anything in life we desire. At last in theory.
Maybe you have already tried to learn some of these philosophies and implement them in your life, but you still can’t find balance. Well, you are not alone.

The aim of this website is to discuss life wisdom, different philosophies and books, and help you to find your personal path to happiness. We are all unique beings with different problems and desires. We all have the freedom to decide what to change in our life and what to accept.

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What is this website about, or how to make our life better and happier? Life balance articles