Love what you do – or do what you love,you will be much happier than if you just try to improve your quality of life.

I was 18 years old when I first heard from a motivation speaker that I can achieve anything in life. I didn’t came from a family where success, or money had an important role so couldn’t imagine that an ordinary guy like me can ever become rich, so that sounded quite interesting to me. I started to watch movies, read articles and books about how can I attract or manifest anything I want in my life, I watched also a lot of documentaries about the life of the super rich.
Than I decided to become a millionaire. I was certain it is possible within a few years. I visualized many times every day my new life as a millionaire and I couldn’t wait for it to become a reality. When I closed my eyes I saw the luxury home, nice car and trips around the world. I saw myself telling other people stories about how I became rich.

Time passed quickly, one year after another and nothing happened. I became an university student and still dreamed about becoming rich, but I had to realize that I must do something about that. It will not happen by itself, so I started to study how great fortunes were made and of course started to play the lottery. I came up with an idea to write an e-book and sell it online. It was my laziness or lack of inspiration, but never wrote more than two pages. I changed my mind and wanted to open a real-world business instead of an online one, but I didn’t have the money for that.

After I graduated and found a job, started to save money for my business, and after a few years I felt ready. I still didn’t have a clear idea, but I was sure it’s not necessary. I read a lot of motivational materials and most of them told if I want something bad enough, and I can see myself already in the possession of that thing it will manifest itself in my life. But it didn’t. I failed in business and had to go back to work.

I was really- really sad. I had no goal in life anymore, I felt miserable. I felt I’m not worthy and not good enough. My heart was full of heat. I was angry at myself because after so many years I still didn’t have the money I thought I deserve, I was angry at my parents because the never gave me any advice how to get rich, but they told me one must be satisfied with what she/he has. I was angry at the world because it didn’t gave me the right opportunities. I felt heat almost every day for a long period of time and it started to have effect on my life. I couldn’t concentrate on my daily work, I felt tired because of it, and it got stronger and stronger. It was like a torturing pain in my heart. It was slowly killing me. The worst thing was I couldn’t get rid of it.

I couldn’t get rid of it until my next holiday, what I really enjoyed. I just loved watching the sea and walking on the coast, and the anger from my heart disappeared. I felt happy again. It took some time to realize what happened, and I found out it was love what saved me. It is not possible to feel love and heat at the same time. I couldn’t get rid of the heat until my heart was not filled of love. When I started to feel love again, the anger what started to ruin my life has just gone away.

What is the conclusion? I found out something. I found out in order to be happy the most important is to find something what I love in my daily life and concentrate on it. Concentrating on goals can be motivating, but it does not bring happiness.

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Love what you do – or do what you love,you will be  much happier than if you just try to improve your quality of life. Life balance articles