5 tips to break out your comfort zone

Self-developmentIf you are reading this post you probably know what comfort zone is and also tried to break out of it.
In brief, one’s comfort zone is a behavioral space where risk and stress are minimized. It is a set of routines, things that one does often and without to much difficulties. Sometimes we are challenged to do thing we don’t usually do and we are not comfortable with. That requires an extra effort and stress level. It means leaving our comfort zone.
It is natural that we don’t really like to leave our comfort zone, but awesome things could happen if we do so, or sometimes bad things could happen if we don’t.

In this post I would like to share 5 tips that make easier to step outside your comfort zone.

1. Don’t overthink, just do it.
2. Talk to people who already done it
3. Learn more about the subject
4. Get more rest
5. Meditate

1.Don’t overthink, just do it.

Many people fall in the trap of overthinking when they have something challenging to do. If you are afraid of something and think of it again and again without doing anything about it the fear will grow and grow. The difficulty of overcoming that challenge will be overestimated every time you fail to do it. It’s better to do it quickly and get rid of it, it is good for your self-esteem as well.

2.Talk to people who already done it.

If you talk to somebody who already done what you want to do, you will realize it is not a big deal. As he/she did it so you are able to do it as well. It’s not only motivating, but that person can give you useful advices how to deal that situation.

3.Learn more about the subject.

If we don’t know something it will fall outside our comfort zone. It’s an easy way to move forward if we just start to learn about it. As we know more and more it will become more and more familiar.

4.Get more rest

When we are tired everything looks more difficult to do, especially when our brain is tired. So give yourself a little time, take a rest, do something fun, sleep enough than try again. It will be much easier.


Meditation can help you in many area of life. It can reduce stress and anxiety, and it’s helpful in many situation. It will give you more mental energy and a more positive attitude.

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